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SparkMeter Launches Koios Data API on their Grid Management Software Platform

SparkMeter Inc. officially enabled the Koios Data API, which streamlines access to historical data, contextual insights, and utilities’ ability to build on the Koios platform with custom applications. This release also improves compatibility with offerings from AMMP, Odyssey, and New Sun Road.

“The new API makes it easy to integrate SparkMeter within broader end-to-end grid management and control regime,” says Michael Goldbach, CPO at New Sun Road. “Recent updates provide greater clarity and control over meter state and diagnostics. Access to time series will make a dramatic improvement to data completeness to enable higher quality data-driven system management.”

This API is a new feature of the Koios Cloud Platform, a single sign-on cloud portal for microgrid and distribution utilities to view and manage their entire portfolio of geographically diverse customer and system data in one place. This access enables microgrid utilities and distribution utilities to leverage the wealth of big data generated by SparkMeter equipment to improve operations and provide better service to customers.

“The new unified API represents a major leap forward in terms of the service level we can provide to SparkMeter users through AMMP,” says Svet Bajlekov, CEO of AMMP. “It will allow for smoother onboarding, more robust data integration, and high-value analytics. It’s great to see SparkMeter continuing to push the envelope when it comes to the provision of data-enabled energy services.”

Historically, rural microgrids in emerging markets have been data-islands just as much as electricity islands. Rural microgrid utilities regularly deal with low bandwidth and intermittent Internet connectivity, making it challenging to collect data, let alone analyze and use it. SparkMeter’s existing grid management solution is designed specifically to address low-bandwidth and intermittent connectivity environments. The recent update to Koios enables utilities to collect data more easily across multiple isolated sites, view the data in aggregate and take action. This update is a key advancement for utilities to make better assumptions and decisions based on longstanding historical information about their sites.

“We look forward to quickly integrating with SparkMeter’s new API, which will significantly streamline the process of accessing live and historical meter data via the Odyssey platform,” says Emily McAteer, CEO of Odyssey Energy Solutions. “The API will also streamline access to results-based financing, with an easy workflow for accessing the SparkMeter data required for financing verification.“

The new feature is included in the current Koios platform, and the tokens can be rendered within the application. Koios and the API update sit on top of SparkMeter’s existing grid management solution for emerging market utilities, which includes ThunderCloud grid management software, smart electricity meters, and other equipment for remote monitoring and control.


SparkMeter, founded in 2013, provides grid-management solutions tailored to emerging markets, where 2.1 billion people live without reliable electricity access. The simple plug-and-play solution enables microgrids and distribution utilities operating in remote locations to access a range of features – prepaid billing, customer communications, and remote monitoring and control – that improve their operations and help them achieve financial sustainability.