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Press release: SOLARKIOSK to feature Connected Solar Clinic at the Future Energy Expo in Kazakhstan

SOLARKIOSK was selected to exhibit its Connected Solar Clinic at the Future Energy EXPO in Astana, Kazakhstan from the 10th of June until September. 
The leading world energy experts will meet at the EXPO in Astana to discuss new development trends making green energy more available and sustainable in the upcoming decades. The EXPO will feature pavilions on the theme of energy, best practices areas presenting breakthrough technologies in developing countries and public areas for temporary exhibitions and workshops. 
SOLARKIOSK’s Connected Solar Clinic will be presented in the best practices areas through an interactive stand. 
The Connected Solar Clinic, designed and implemented by SOLARKIOSK on the basis of the E-HUBB design by GRAFT architects, is powered by solar energy and entirely autonomous from the electrical grid. It is compatible with a range of medical diagnostics and treatment equipment, such as an ultrasound and a hematology lab, and provides heating/air conditioning and connectivity for use of e-health platforms and remote medical examination.



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