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Press release: Solar Pay-As-You-Go Leader, Greenlight Planet, Offers Insurance for Sales Agents’ Protection During COVID-19 Pandemic

Greenlight Planet, the world’s largest provider of solar-powered home systems, now offers affordable health and life insurance products to its rapidly expanding agent workforce in sub-saharan Africa. The insurance cover includes inpatient hospital visits, life insurance, and COVID-19 related illness, all of which can be extended to agents’ family members, as well.

Greenlight Planet’s network of over 7,000 commission agents forms the foundation for the largest pay-as-you-go business in the off-grid solar industry. The majority of sales agents, called ‘Sun King Energy Officers’, begin as customers of Sun King products to access reliable, affordable energy at home. Encouraged by their positive experience, they undergo training to become promoters of Sun King solar products within their communities.

“Earlier, I didn’t feel it was important to have an insurance cover. But, recently, I was injured while on a motorbike, and that changed my mind. Due to the nature of my job, as I am always on the move, there is a chance of being involved in an accident, and this cover will come in handy. I am thankful to Greenlight Planet for offering us these insurance packages and for thinking about our health. This really motivates me to perform better and gain stronger results for the company”, says Benson Makale, 19 years of age, a resident of Taveta, Kenya who has been a Sun King agent for over a year.

T he ‘ Hospital Cash & Life’ plan that Greenlight Planet has engaged provides protection against medical expenditure for all Sun King agents between 18 and 65 years of age who reside in Kenya and choose to enroll in the plan. The sales agents can select from a few different packages, some with monthly premiums as low as $0.50 (USD) per month, a rate that comfortably fits into an agent’s monthly wallet.

Mr. Dhaval Radia, Senior Vice President and Global Commercial Leader at Greenlight Planet  says, “Health and safety of our rapidly growing field sales workforce and their families are of paramount importance to us. Since the onset of COVID-19, we have taken several actions to keep our agents safe, and offering affordable insurance is one of them. Our vision is to extend

similar offerings to facilitate access to affordable healthcare to the more than seven million Sun King pay-as-you-go users in the near future.”

Greenlight Planet has partnered with Turaco (Ellard Insurance Agency Ltd), an insurance provider that designs simplified and relevant insurance products at affordable premiums, to offer this medical insurance cover to their sales agents. The product is underwritten by Prudential Life Assurance Kenya Limited.

About Greenlight Planet

Greenlight Planet is a social-mission, for-profit business that since 2009 has sold over 14 million of its Sun King solar home energy products to off-grid customers in sub-Saharan Africa and South Asia. The company reaches customers through its direct-to-consumer distribution and financing network, as well as wholesale partnerships with over 300 commercial and non-profit last-mile distributors, ranging from mobile network operators, to microfinance institutions, to oil and gas companies, to NGOs. Greenlight Planet’s Sun King products are currently installed in over 65 countries and have served 60 million people.

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