Press Releases

Smart Biogas: new frontiers for the biogas market

  • Remote monitoring solution for effective management of biogas digesters

  • Patent pending product designed for businesses looking to digitise their biogas operations

  • Product piloted in Uganda and Tanzania, now launched

Connected Energy is launching Smart Biogas, their second product. With this internet connected smart meter sending data in real-time, organisations can monitor the performance of biogas digesters from anywhere in the world.

The product is perfect for businesses looking to reduce their operational costs of maintaining a fleet of biogas digesters, or seeking to expand their market reach by enabling Pay-As-You-Go financing for existing product packages. We are also actively working on validating Smart Biogas as a recognised method for integrating with the carbon markets. 

Globally, the biogas sector is undergoing a resurgence, and it is an important part of a mix of cooking technologies needed to bridge the clean cooking access gap. Smart Biogas has been developed with and for biogas companies and programmes that are seeking to innovate with digital technologies to accelerate growth in the sector.

Engineering Director Gareth Selby said:

“We have worked with companies in East Africa whilst developing the product, which we believe brings brand new opportunities to the biogas market.

We are delighted to launch Smart Biogas, and look forward to offering the product worldwide in the coming months”.

See the product page for specifications and pricing.