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Press release: Sierra Leone gets the country’s first Solar Hubs

This month saw Computer Aid International installing its first two Youth Entrepreneurship Hubs in Makeni and Pujehun in Sierra Leone. These Solar-Powered hubs will give the opportunity for the local youth to get their ICDL and increase their employability in a competitive job market.
With funding from Comic Relief and Endemol Shine Group, this project has been in development since last year. Partnering with Y Care International, YMCA Sierra Leone, On Our Radar, Sensi Tech Hub, A Call To Business and Codohsapa in-country means we have a wealth of experience at our disposal. 

“Seeing students typing for the first time, with nervous smiles on their faces, was exciting for me – but for the community, it means they now have the tools to decide how the internet could be a new platform for their business ideas”-Alejandro Espinosa Llano, Project Manager, Computer Aid International 

“This (hub) will help increase their mentality of using technology tools in term of personal growth, also help them understand how to use a computer, how to use social media to communicate. It will also help them to control their own businesses through the using of technology aid in their environment”-James Yorpo, Training Manager, Sensi tech hub 

Pujehun doesn’t have electricity, anything which needs power is currently run from a diesel generator, and there are no public computers available in the area. Although Makeni has stable electricity, there isn’t any ICT training available in the area. The benefits for the community will be varied, but we hope the training and access will bring increased employability, better opportunities for entrepreneurship and access to technology, in many cases for the first time ever.



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