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Press release: SELCO India will scale to diverse poor segments, with the support of DOEN Participaties

Access to energy is a critical basic human right that underpins several inequities and development trajectories. Therefore, energy pathways should be developed within a construct that considers the needs of the poor in a manner that is sustainable to the environment and social fabric – by making the poor as asset owners vs. merely consumers. Solutions need to be moved beyond just a technical intervention to consider other critical aspects for long term impact including access to finance, local supply chains, end-user needs assessment and local partnerships. That is what SELCO India does. Delivering last mile energy solutions for the poor in a sustainable manner. 

DOEN Participaties is focused on amplifying social impact and returns that are commensurate with the needs of the poor and operating conditions of delivering long term solutions. Michelle de Rijk, Impact Investment Manager DOEN Participaties: “This investment in SELCO India goes well with DOENs mission to accelerate the energy transition and provide energy access to everyone, as it gives SELCO the opportunity to reach even deeper into the poor segments of the population and enables them to further develop need based products for the rural poor.

For SELCO India, welcoming DOEN Participaties as an investor was an automatic choice as DOEN is already a partner in SELCO Foundation. DOEN Participaties as a true inclusive investor appreciates the efforts that SELCO, as a group of organizations, is creating critical enabling conditions and is shifting the focus from just lighting for energy access to diversification of solutions for the poor beyond lighting. “It is an honor to partner with DOEN in our quest to democratize essential services like health and education to the poor while ensuring social and environmental sustainability”, says Harish Hande, Founder and Chairman, SELCO.