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Press release: REA developed the off-grid Electrification Strategy with 5 key elements – MD/CE

The MD/CEO of the Rural Electrification Agency, Mrs. Damilola Ogunbiyi giving a speech on the #EnergizingEconomiesInitiative and the Federal Government’s plan to continue to power businesses and homes.
The #EnergizingEconomiesInitiative was constituted 18 months ago with a clear mandate to provide electricity through sustainable off-grid solutions to unserved communities and MSMEs.
REA developed the off-grid Electrification Strategy with 5 key elements.

  1. The Energizing Education Programme will provide adequate power supply to 37 federal universities and 7 university teaching hospitals across Nigeria.
  2. The Solar Home System Initiative is a partnership with @WorldBank and aims to provide 1.5 million Nigerian households and MSMEs with better and affordable access to electricity services via stand-alone solar home systems, provide and managed by the private sector.
  3. The third is the Solar minigrids Initiative which is also in partnership with the @WorldBank and aims in the first phase, to provide clean, affordable and reliable electricity to 250 off-grid communities that require less than 1MW per mini grid.
  4. The 4th is the Nigeria Energy Database which is an online platform that provides developers, and the public with online visualization of resources for energy development. This is a data-driven initiative and the sector’s first online database.
  5. The #EnergizingEconomiesInitiative is actually the 5th strategy. OT aspires to increase energy access and economic growth by assisting private sector developers to provide clean, reliable and affordable power to economic clusters.