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Press release: PV provides access to energy, promote global energy evolution

With the Paris Agreement coming into effect on November 4 this year, developing low-carbon and clean energy has become a global acknowledgement. The Beijing Bulletin released during the past G20 Energy Ministers Meeting encouraged its member states to lay out plans for renewable energy development strategies and a project schedule, so as to achieve the goal of significantly increasing the percentage of renewable energy in global energy structure.
Renewable energy is facing an unprecedented development opportunity, while the revolution of global energy utilizing methods is pacing up.
At the G20 Energy Ministers Meeting, Yu Yong, president of Zonergy, put forward the method and advocation to provide the world with access to energy through PV power generation, which gained heated attention from various parties. Using the adaptability of PV power generation, Zonergy can effectively handle electrical problems in the remote Chinese western areas through intensive construction of PV power stations and household PV power generation. Zonergy has already successfully provided 500 thousand no-electricity populations with electricity, making a great contribution to the comprehensive elimination of no-electricity in China.
Yu Yong, president of Zonergy, said, “Zonergy is proactively expanding the development of clean energy across the world in order for everyone to enjoy sustainable and clean energy.” Pakistan is facing a severe electricity crisis, with a daily shortage of electricity of 3000-5000 megawatts. Severe energy shortage is becoming the bottleneck of economic development of Pakistan and is in desperate need of solving. In April 2015, a 900-megawatt PV above-ground power station sponsored by Zonergy declared its ground breaking. This project is backed by a total investment amount of 1.5 billion dollars, with annual electricity providing capacity of 1.3 billion kilowatt hours. It will be able to provide over 500 thousand families with electricity. This project is the biggest monomer solar power project around the globe, as well as the largest investment of Chinese enterprise into an overseas PV project. Currently, the first phase of the project which boasts a capacity of 300 megawatts, has been completed and combined to the grid.
Zonergy thinks highly of technological innovation, and is cooperating with American science and research institutes, foundations and enterprises with respect to renewable energy, modern agriculture, high-tech R&D and so on. The results of cooperation will benefit both China and the US. The main shareholder of Zonergy, ZTE, entered the US market in 1998 and has become the fourth best-selling mobile phone brand in the US.



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