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Press release: Pierre Lahutte joins FRIEM: the Group accelerates in electric mobility

The Italian company, with 70 years of experience in the energy conversion, continues with the enhancement of its E-Mobility sector, moving towards a sustainable future. This journey, started in 2018 with the integration in FRIEM Group of the Innovative Start-ups and Eyes Group S.r.l., continues today with the appointment of Pierre Lahutte to the Board of Directors.

“On 21/05/2020, Mr. Pierre Lahutte will start officially his cooperation with FRIEM” – says Mr. Lorenzo Carnelli, CEO of FRIEM – “We are honoured to have Pierre on-Board, – he continues – enriching more and more the managerial capacity of our Group. His huge experience and know-how in the Automotive field highlight the strategic vision of integrating in the Electric Mobility the solutions that FRIEM has been using, successfully and for many years, in the fields of Industry and Energy. Maximizing the Renewable Energy utilization with the availability of the power necessary for the electric vehicles is the new paradigm of Sustainability: this is the target we are aiming to.”

“Furthermore” – continues Pierre Lahutte – “In the development of electric mobility, the most challenging area for fleet or infrastructure operators is that of managing electricity and the charging of vehicles, which often requires a total overhaul of both their facilities and competencies. With a very long experience in power conversion, storage, mini grid management software and charging systems, FRIEM is a partner of choice for those who want to retain full control on their infrastructure and investments independently from the electricity supply sources and of the vehicles they use.”

As the World is facing hard times, FRIEM does not stop and keeps on pursuing its objectives focusing on a more sustainable future and the preservation of our planet.