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Press release: Phocos delivers convenience, reliability and lithium battery charging in new off-grid lighting and energy products.

Ulm, Germany, 7 June, 2018 – Phocos continues to apply its expertise in optimizing component performance to deliver new and innovative energy solutions for rural electrification and autonomous power for remote lighting and industrial applications. Phocos’ objectives are to deliver plug-and-play systems that are convenient, clean, reliable, cost effective and safe.
“Customers expect convenience, ease of use and reliability at an affordable price from their off-grid solutions provider,” said Dean Middleton, Chief Operations Officer at Phocos. “We are optimizing our portfolio to meet these expectations.”
New Solar Home System: Phocos’ new Solar Home System (SHS) kits offer the latest technological innovation of high efficiency LED lighting combined with energy dense lithium storage. Phocos SHS kits are compact, portable, plug-and-play turnkey solutions that supply off-grid power for efficient DC lighting to mobile device charging. These affordable kits provide clean and reliable autonomous power, ideal for rural applications. Each kit includes a solar panel (5W, 10W or 20W), a lithium-iron phosphate battery (LFP battery), MPPT charge controller, 3 DC lamps and the appropriate cables for easy set up. The LFP battery is safer than other lithium chemistries.
More Intelligent Charge Controllers: Phocos’ expanded series of CXNup charge controllers are highly intelligent with advanced programming and datalogging required in many industrial and lighting applications. The CXNup charge controller series uses preprogrammed charging profiles to support both lead acid and lithium battery technology. The 10A to 40A series has low voltage disconnect (LVD) that works in concert with selectPhocos Pure Sine Wave (PSW) inverters. Users can access system data using the new PhocosLink PC communication software and MXI interface accessory.
USB Charging Added: Phocos has added USB charging for mobile devices in its trusted CML Series charge controllers for rural electrification and recreation uses.
New High Efficiency MPPT controller: The new ECO-N-MPPT (15 A) controller offers up to 98% system efficiency which maximizes power output and reduces system costs.
SHS kits are a plug-and-play power system with High Efficiency LED lighting, lithium storage, and USB-charging in 5W, 10W or 20W solar panel options
CXNup Series PWM solar charge controllers are highly intelligent with advanced programming and datalogging
The CML series (5 – 20 A) PWM solar charge controllers now available with USB charger
ECO-N-MPPT (15 A) MPPT solar charge controller maximizes power output with up to 98% efficiency
These new products will be featured at Intersolar Europe held June 20-22 in Munich.

About Phocos
Phocos ( is a world-leading manufacturer of solar-powered charge controllers and components for off-grid power supply. Phocos designs and manufacturers world-class solutions to enable universal access to reliable energy. The company’s highly specified product portfolio includes autonomous power solutions, integrated solar power management solutions, reliable charge controllers, high-efficiency lighting systems, and DC refrigerators/freezers. Our global team of highly-experienced, passionate professionals leverages decades of expertise to ensure the reliable and cost-effective deployment of power supply solutions exceed our customer’s expectations
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