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Press release: Mobisol tackles off-grid solar industry’s recycling challenges

  • Three partnerships initiated: Lead battery recycling with Associated Battery Manufacturers Ltd. (Nairobi, Kenya), e-waste recycling with Enviroserve Ltd. (Kigali, Rwanda) & Phenix Recycling Ltd. (Arusha, Tanzania)
  • In line with overall industry shift towards end-of-life awareness, Mobisol is one of the first companies to transparently communicate and tackle the recycling challenge of off-grid solar components

Arusha/Kigali/Nairobi, 19 Feb 2018 – Mobisol, a leading provider of decentralized solar solutions, has joined hands with e-waste and battery recyclers in all operational countries. By partnering with Phenix Recycling in Tanzania, Enviroserve in Rwanda, and Associated Battery Manufacturers (ABM) in Kenya, Mobisol has established ties with experts in their field. All three recycling partners have demonstrated a strong commitment to establishing a comprehensive recycling network for off-grid solar components, such as waste from solar products, consumer electronics and lead-based batteries.

This milestone comes at a time where the off-grid solar industry increasingly acknowledges the importance of finding end-of-life solutions for its products. In order to steer this urgent issue with clarity and transparency, Mobisol positions itself as one of the first market players to openly communicate its recycling infrastructure. E-waste recycling was one of the emerging topics of discussion at the Off-Grid Solar Forum in Hong Kong last month. At the event, attended by over 600 sector representatives, the importance of collaboration and exchange in order to improve existing methods for safe disposal of e-waste and batteries was strongly emphasized.

Facing the immense challenge of the informal recycling sector that uses practices which do not meet acceptable, sustainable standards, Mobisol is convinced that recyclers and off-grid companies need to work together to focus on social and environmental standards and create awareness for sound waste management in countries they work in. After having recently announced its partnership with the Tanzania-based recycling company Phenix Ltd., Mobisol has now additionally established ties with ABM, a long-standing lead battery recycling business from Kenya.

Guy Jack, Managing Director of ABM, says: “ABM is very content to have found an ambitious, environmentally-conscious partner in Mobisol. The decentralized solar industry is one that will face further challenges with regards to recycling in the future; experienced, long-standing recyclers like ABM have the responsibility to provide clear and transparent end-of-life solutions to those who are willing to tackle the challenge of informal and inappropriate practices sustainably.”

On December 7th of last year, the Government of Rwanda officially inaugurated its first e-waste recycling facility in Kigali. The event was attended by several public representatives, demonstrating the national will to create an infrastructure for responsible recycling. Building on a long-standing partnership with the Government of Rwanda since 2014, Mobisol is proud to be able to establish ties with Enviroserve, a Dubai-based international recycling expert taking over the operation of the Kigali facility since January this year.

Stuart Fleming, Group CEO of Enviroserve, says: “Having recently entered the Rwandan market by signing a public private partnership with the Government for the operation of the new, state-of-the-art e-waste recycling facility, Enviroserve proudly takes on partners like Mobisol that are willing to jointly create awareness among the population for the growing waste problem around solar products and consumer electronics. We are looking forward to becoming a recycling hub in East Africa in the future.”

About Mobisol Group
Mobisol Group is a leading global player in decentralized solar electrification. Driven by market demand for off-grid solutions beyond lighting, Mobisol designs, distributes and services large home and commercial solar systems, seamlessly integrated with proprietary PAYG software. By combining the latest high-tech solar hardware with mobile payment technologies, the Berlin based company ensures affordability through flexible payment plans. Mobisol enables rural families and businesses to power a wide range of compatible appliances, such as televisions, stereos and refrigerators, thereby improving their standard of living while earning incremental income by supporting new solar-powered businesses. With over 1,000 employees across three continents, Mobisol runs its own operations in Tanzania, Kenya and Rwanda, while providing its software solution “Paygee” and hardware through a growing network of B2B partnerships in currently another nine countries worldwide.

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About Associated Battery Manufacturers Ltd.

ABM is the only battery manufacturing company in Kenya. The company produces solar batteries and automotive batteries (both vented and Maintenance Free) using the highest standards to give you the best experience. Additionally, ABM has partnered with various leading companies in the region to make it that much easier for you to get our products.

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About Enviroserve Rwanda Green Park
Enviroserve Rwanda Green Park is a subsidiary of Enviroserve Services LLC Dubai which manages and operates the Rwanda E-waste dismantling and recycling facility. The Second largest dismantling facility in Africa  with a capacity of 10,000 tons of e-waste per year. Enviroserve Rwanda Green Park  in partnership with the Government of  Rwanda is in process of building a specialized lead acid  battery recycling facility  to properly collect and treat the batteries from off –grid solar products.

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About Phenix Recycling Ltd.
Phenix Recycling offers bespoke waste management for businesses. By providing consultancy and collection services for businesses, Phenix is making responsible waste management easy and seamless. Recyclable waste is collected from a variety of industries including off-grid solar and tourism, brought to our collection centre for processing before ensuring it reaches downstream off-takers that meet the high safety and environmental standards. The Phenix team has local, regional and international experience in the energy industry and waste. Phenix has technical partners from around the world as well as key strategic partners in the region.

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