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Press release: Mobisol Launches Paygee, a Powerful Operating System for the PayAsYouGo Industry

Mobisol has launched Paygee, a competitively-priced hardware-agnostic software suite aimed at boosting the growth of the PayAsYoGo (PAYG) Ecosystem. Paygee aims to provide households at the Base of the Pyramid with easier and more affordable access to a large range of solar products and associated productive use appliances.
Paygee is a “software as a service” that will enable PAYG solar providers worldwide to concentrate on providing sustainable energy solutions to their customer base. Running on desktop computers as well as mobile devices, the software suite is the digital key for PAYG business models, paving the way for the efficient management of the entire PAYG value chain through a single information hub – where data is neatly organized, readily accessible and handled securely.
Key benefits include full digital support of sales and marketing, logistics, system performance measuring and maintenance support, as well as customer relationship management, market, customer and payment deep data analysis and reporting.
Paygee provides an open platform without “lock-in”, meaning distributors and manufacturers have a choice for their preferred PAYG platform, including full data ownership and a convenient option to exit the platform in case it does not fulfill expectations. This setup provides an answer to a trend within the sector to “lock in” customers to specific hardware/software solutions – and offers a more open solution that encourages fruitful competition.
Paygee will allow both smaller start-up PAYG companies and large multinational businesses to reduce costs and time spent to market. Key Paygee partners amongst others include Mobisol, SunKing, Fosera, Lorentz Pumps, Omnivoltaic, Baobab+ and SunTransfer to date.
Paygee has been validated in the field and is based on over six years of experience monitoring over 100,000 systems and supporting hundreds of sales agents and technicians across multiple markets. The swift development of Paygee has been supported by the Scaling Off-Grid Energy Grand Challenge for Development (SOGE), a platform for leading donors and investors to develop Africa’s off-grid energy sector and coordinate investments to connect more households and businesses to electricity.
Andrew Herscowitz, Coordinator for Power Africa at USAID, says:

“Utilizing the grant from Scaling Off-Grid Energy, the Paygee team was able to develop an innovative, comprehensive software solution that enables PAYG solar providers to reduce credit risk, make data-based informed market decisions, and improve their customer experience. By minimizing financial barriers, Paygee opens business opportunities in emerging markets and ensures successful scaling. The Paygee features are designed to not only benefit individual solar providers, but also to raise the credibility and scaling opportunities of the entire off-grid solar market.”

Stefan Zelazny, CIO of Mobisol, says:

“In the past six years, we have revolutionized ‘Innovation made in Germany’ to develop a state-of-the-art, yet highly affordable, software suite. Paygee guarantees to meet the market‘s constantly changing demands – supported by Mobisol’s strong Berlin-based international software and support team and making use of our agile development methodology. With Paygee, solar providers can save costs and efficiently run their operations, while concentrating on their core business. Working together, I truly believe we can provide sustainable and affordable energy solutions to billions of people globally.”

Check out the Paygee website:
Paygee is a project by Mobisol. Mobisol is an awardee of Scaling Off-Grid Energy Grand Challenge for Development (SOGE). Scaling Off-Grid Energy is a global partnership initiative founded by the U.S. Agency for International Development, Shell Foundation, DFID, the African Development Bank, and Power Africa. SOGE aims to extend energy access to 20 million households across sub-Saharan Africa through off-grid household solar solutions.
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