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Press release: Mobisol expands into Ethiopia with another strong distribution partnership

Berlin / Addis Ababa, December 13th, 2017 – Mobisol, a leading German company providing decentralized solar solutions, and SunTransfer Tech, Ethiopia’s principal solar service distributor, partner up to provide large high-tech Solar Home Systems, thereby supporting the Government’s aim to achieve universal energy access by 2025.
The partnership will see pay-as-you-go (PAYG) solar products, integrated with Mobisol’s SolarHub Software Suite, introduced into the Ethiopian market. The software suite additionall yallows for efficient deployment of maintenance servicing and customer relationship management. Providing productive use solar solutions that go beyond lighting, Mobisol focuses on the development and supply of large solar systems that power a range of energy efficient appliances for household and small businesses. Ethiopian customers have both the opportunity to electrify their homes and to run energy-based microenterprises, such as solar-powered cinemas, phone charging stations, and efficiently illuminate larger workshops.
SunTransfer Tech, an established solar distributor in Ethiopia, brings into the partnership an existing and continuously expanding network of Solar-Centers, each staffed by professionally trained solar technicians. SunTransfer Tech’s vast experience in the Ethiopian market and indepth understanding of local characteristics ideally positions them to quickly scale up sales, distribution and comprehensive after-sales structures.
Mobisol and SunTransfer Tech aspire to decisively support the implementation of the new National Electrification Program, officially announced on November 27th, 2017. The program aims to provide equitable and affordable electricity to all Ethiopians by 2025 and foresees the electrification of 35% of the population with off-grid energy – of which 5.4 million households will be provided with Solar Home Systems.
Fasil Eyassu Melkie, Mobisol’s Partnership & Expansion Manager, says: “We are happy to team up with SunTransfer Tech to enter the largest market for Solar Home Systems in East Africa, offering state of the art hardware and software solutions, designed in Germany. We jointly strive to supply reliable, affordable and sustainable energy to tens of thousands of Ethiopian households and businesses.”
Yonas Workie, CEO of SunTransfer Tech, says: “We are glad to partner with Mobisol as this allows us to focus on excellence in distribution and customer service, while providing quality assured products. We will be fully utilizing Ethiopia’s abundance of sunlight, the proverbial “13 months of Sunshine”, to scale quickly – thus improving the lives and socio-economic opportunities of rural communities throughout the country while helping to protect the global climate.”

About Mobisol
Mobisol Group is a leading global player in decentralized solar electrification. Driven by market demand for off-grid solutions beyond lighting, Mobisol designs, distributes and services large home and commercial solar systems, seamlessly integrated with proprietary PAYG software. By combining the latest high-tech solar hardware with mobile payment technologies, the Berlin based company ensures affordability through flexible payment plans. Mobisol enables rural families and businesses to power a wide range of compatible appliances, such as televisions, stereos and refrigerators, thereby improving their standard of living while earning incremental income by supporting new solar-powered businesses. With over 1,000 employees across three continents, Mobisol runs its own operations in Tanzania, Kenya and Rwanda, while providing hardware and software solutions through a growing network of B2B partnerships in another nine countries worldwide.
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About SunTransfer PLC
SunTransfer Tech PLC is a technology company involved in the field of renewable energy mainly on solar photovoltaic systems with the scope of system sizing, assembling, import, installation, commissioning and training. The major activities that the company is engaged in are: DC Solar Home Systems, mainly for rural community such as farmer houses, rural schools and clinics, with pay as you go technology for credit facility for those who cannot afford to pay upfront; solar water pumping systems providing drinking water for humans and cattle, irrigation etc – and stand alone and grid connected solar PV systems for schools, offices, hospitals, community centers, churches, Mosques etc. SunTransfer Tech is a well-organized company with highly experienced engineers and electricians dedicated to provide solutions that can suit their customers’ needs. The company has a strategy to work with rural solar microfinance institutions, working with such financial institution will help them to distribute small solar home systems through distributers/franchisee by providing loans to rural communities for those who cannot afford to pay in cash.
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