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Press release: Mobisol All-in-One Solar Television System Certified by Lighting Global

Mobisol has been awarded with a Lighting Global Quality Certificate for their 22’’ Solar Television System, which offers an innovative all-in-one solar solution, that comes with a built-in lithium iron phosphate (LFP) battery and a 40 Wp PV panel (IEC61215 certified).
Lighting Global (LG) is the World Bank Group’s platform to support sustainable growth in the off-grid solar market, providing international, globally relevant quality standards for affordable solar-powered devices and solar home systems.
The Lighting Global test results confirm that Mobisol’s Full-HD 22’’ Solar Television System meets the necessary standards in terms of quality, durability and truth in advertising to serve customers sustainably.
The Solar TV’s performance is tested at 98 Wh/day (Available Daily Electrical Energy) and shows a total light output of 1200 Lumens. It comes with six dimmable lights, covering three brightness modes, and two 5-volt USB ports for mobile phone and appliance charging.
Additional features include a versatile Pay-As-You-Go (PAYG) technology, that enables the collection of payments from customers over time and thus supports distributors to enter new markets, while tracking automated loan accounts and monitoring the product in real-time.
This system is suited for home or business use – e.g. by illuminating an entire household or a small business, while simultaneously providing entertainment through the 22” TV, with a run-time of 9 hours.
The certification is of importance especially to Mobisol’s partnerships and expansion department, because it positively effects import procedures in certain target markets (e.g. Ethiopia), where importation is now possible, due to the local trust in Lighting Global’s rigorous testing standards and necessary documentation.
In February this year, Mobisol already announced the certification of their entire 80Wp-200Wp Solar Home System (SHS) product family, as well as for their 200Wp Bright Future SHS. The latter, being far ahead of the competition in terms of Available Daily Electrical Energy (Wh/day) and Lumens, substantially outperformed comparable systems tested and still today remains the most powerful SHS on the market certified by Lighting Global (read more here).

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