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Press release: Lumos Global – Transforming Lives in the African Continent

Lumos Global – an off-grid solar energy firm operating in Nigeria is at the helm of transforming lives in the African continent by providing to the bulk of the population, who are reliant on kerosene generators and lanterns for their electricity needs, especially in the rural areas, a safe, inexpensive, non-polluting and a novel way to generate electricity in the form of off-grid solar energy generation kits.
How the Off-Grid Solar Energy Systems are Revolutionizing Lives in Nigeria?
These off-grid solar energy generation kit or Lumos Kit, in short, comprised of a large 80W solar panel, indoor power unit, phone charging accessories, and two LED lights. People who are interested in the Lumos Kit can effortlessly become a part of the service at their local mobile operator store by paying a one-time commitment fee.
Lumos has partnered with MTN, Nigeria’s leading mobile network operator to make solar energy reach each and every individual households, in the country, that are in dire need of affordable, clean and dependable electricity.
Customers require installing the solar panel on their house’s roof and the indoor power unit, responsible for storing electricity generated from sunlight by the solar panel, is kept inside the house.
Electricity can be accessed from the indoor power unit by making payment via mobile phone airtime. Just an SMS does the job and the service immediately unlocks once the payment has been credited. Customers are free to access the electricity thereafter. Lumos provides an additional relief to the customers in the form of a worry-free, 5-years repair service.
This way off-grid customers can efficaciously and efficiently take control of and monitor their energy generation and usage. Furthermore, these off-grid solar energy generation kits have enabled a major part of the country’s population to carry on with their economic activities without worrying about nightfall thereby registering a significant increase in their household income.
Hence, it is needless to mention over here and understandable that the Lumos Kits, apart from providing mental relief, have drastically improved the financial situation of its users. With the provision of clean electricity at about less than 50 US Cents a day, the users of Lumos Kits are determined, more than ever, to work on developing their enterprises and improving the overall quality of their life.
Apart from developing their economic enterprises, it has been reported that many unemployed members of the households, utilizing Lumos Kit, finally, got new jobs. This was entirely made possible by the fact that with the availability of renewable electricity, they could devote more time to studies, preparing for job interviews and other associated activities.
Final Words
Lumos has begun the process of transformation from Nigeria. The demand for the Lumos Kit is immensely high as the company is preparing to roll its services to small businesses and community service centers such as hospitals. Building a solid foundation in Nigeria, the company will look to expand in other parts of the continent and make clean, inexpensive and reliable electricity available for all.