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Press release: Lighting up South Africa – Power to the People

The Sungrid Group – developers, manufacturers and distributors of a full range of portable (solar) power and lighting products, has announced an extension to its product range aimed specifically at the emerging marketplace. 
“With over 10 million South Africans not connected to any form of electricity, cost-effective and viable solutions focused on combatting this energy poverty is essential,” says Paul Hubers, founder and director, Sungrid Group. Reliable access to both power and light empowers communities. It enables communication and facilitates entrepreneurship, thereby increasing income-generating capacity for families.
“Our objective was to develop a range of entry level products, capable of providing power and light during either times of load shedding or for those not connected to the grid, whilst remaining cost-effective and therefore within the reach of most,” continues Hubers.
A revolutionary solar power bulb, the ‘my-lite’ or ‘my-lite+’ comes complete with a 1.5W or 3W solar panel and 90 or 200 Lumen super bright LED.  A single charge of six to eight hours provides either six to eight hours of brightness.  It is weatherproof, safe and easy to use, with a 3m cable allowing for easy movement.  “We also have the ‘my-lamp’, providing up to eight hours of brightness,” adds Hubers. With its lantern like appearance and hook, it easily transportable and able to hang wherever there is a need for light.
Part of its Solsave range, all three products come with dual charging capability.  What this in effect means, is the ability to charge these items either by making use of the sun’s rays or via the grid when the power is on. The Solsave ‘my-lamp’ also comes with a handle-like feature, allowing for manual charging. 
Whilst the compact and easily transportable nature of these products may render them a perfect fit for both the recreational and outdoor markets, one of Sungrid Group’s primary objectives lie in making power accessible to all. “In addition to enhancing recreational activities and improving safety and security, a key part of our vision is to empower communities where the daily consumption of electricity is not a reality,” concludes Hubers.
For additional information, please visit or contact Talana Cole on 021 447 6849.


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