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Press release: Jury of the 2016 Africa Energy Generation Prize to be chaired by Samba Bathily, CEO of Solektra International and cofounder of Akon Lighting Africa

Paris and Bamako, July 21st 2016 – Solektra International’s CEO Samba Bathily has just been named chairman of the jury of the first edition of the Africa Energy Generation Prize, launched in June 2016 by the Energy Generation Association. This competition aims to showcase unconventional energy solutions, designed by Africans and specially tailored to the needs of local communities. As explained by Miss Astria Fataki, who chairs the association, the objective is to encourage innovation in a sector that conditions the development of the entire continent.
For Astria Fataki, “Access to energy is a critical issue in our countries, and this contest allows young Africans to propose ‘Made in Africa’ solutions. As they know very well how energy is used within households or inside collective facilities, participants to the contest are in a position to imagine most relevant approaches – through this project and especially at the awards ceremony, we will actually promote African creativity!
Noting that most unexpected solutions, such as these generators using urine in Nigeria or made of electronic waste in Sierra Leone, can be very efficient, Miss Nene Diallo, Project Manager at Energy Generation, said that inspiration and pragmatism will be key assessment criteria. “What matters to us is to see young people with a strong motivation, able to propose solutions that are easy to replicate – because now is the time to address the African energy crisis.
The call for projects for the Africa Energy Generation Prize contest was launched on June 10th and will be closed on September 15th, 2016. Ten finalists will be selected by the Technical Committee and will integrate the Energy Generation Academy for a one year high level training curriculum. A ceremony is planned for early October in Lomé, Togo, to reward the applicants; top three finalists selected by the Jury will each receive 5000, 3000 and 2000 euros as well as training in the Solektra Solar Academy in Bamako, Mali.
When we started the Akon Lighting Africa project, we were very clear about the objectives: the challenge is not only about bringing light in the villages, but about ensuring that it stays there. This is why we care a lot about maintenance issues and training of young people. The Solektra Solar Academy is a key component in our business model and we are very happy to welcome in Bamako talents as promising as the applicants to the Africa Energy Generation Prize,” said Solektra International’s CEO Samba Bathily.

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