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Press release: India project: Successful inauguration of a smart DC mini grid

Sarvantara, Uttar Pradesh, India, 8th June 2017: On 6th June 2017, a smart DC mini grid was successfully inaugurated within the framework of the dena Renewable Energy Solutions Programme. Sarvantara, a village in Uttar Pradesh, India has been equipped with a DC mini grid containing hybrid storage systems powered by photovoltaic panels. The first 30 households are now connected to the grid and provided with sustainable energy. The project is implemented by BOS Balance of Storage Systems AG (BOS AG) and has been installed together with local partner Oorja Development Solutions Ltd (Oorja). The whole project is coordinated by the German Energy Agency (dena) and co-financed by the German Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy (BMWi)
Opening ceremony in the village
On 6th June 2017, a smart DC mini grid was inaugurated in Sarvantara, Uttar Pradesh. BOS AG, Oorja and Mr. Schmid, a representative of dena, welcomed 20 guests in the village. First, BOS engineers introduced the smart technology of the DC mini grid to their guests. After a tour through the village the mini grid was successfully put into operation. The guests, among them representatives of the Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) GmbH and the Indo-German Energy Forms (IGEF) were all very impressed by the technology.
The smart DC mini grid
The DC mini grid has a central energy station equipped with a solar home system, a hybrid storage system and the BOS smart grid signal transmitter. With the smart grid signal transmitter, energy consumption can be optimized. The hybrid system contains a combined, fully-featured charge controller for lithium-ion and lead acid batteries that manages the state of charge of both batteries smartly. Thanks to this modern hybrid storage solution, the batteries’ lifetime is guaranteed for at least five years. Through photovoltaic modules, renewable energy is produced and powers lights, fans and USB charging ports. Power consumption is paid by each household individually.
The project
The village Sarvantara is located in a rural area with no access to the grid. The goal of the project is to power 100 households with clean and sustainable energy in the next few months. Over the past two weeks, BOS AG and Oorja have successfully installed the DC mini grid and connected the first 30 households to it. For on-site support and quality control, local technicianshave been trained and villagers have received detailed information about the system.
The dena RES Project India is part of the worldwide dena Renewable Energy Solutions Programme coordinated by Deutsche Energie-Agentur (dena) – the German Energy Agency – and co-financed by the German Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy (BMWi) withinthe German Energy Solutions Initiative.

BOS Balance of Storage Systems AG is a German high-tech start-up company based in Neu-Ulm, founded in July 2014 and has ten employees. The CEO and co-founder of the company is Benjamin Seckinger. BOS offers smart hybrid energy storage solutions and DC grid technology. With their technologies, large parts of the off-grid community in developing and industrialised countries get access to high-quality, long-lasting and affordable energy solutions. 
Deutsche Energie-Agentur (dena)
The Deutsche Energie-Agentur (dena) – the German Energy Agency – is Germany’s centre of expertise for energy efficiency, renewable energy sources and intelligent energy systems. As the Agency for Applied Energy Transition it helps achieve energy and climate policy objectives by developing solutions and putting them into practice, both nationally and internationally. In order to do so, it brings together partners from all areas of politics and business. dena’s shareholders are the Federal Republic of Germany, the KfW Group, Allianz SE, Deutsche Bank AG and DZ BANK AG.
German Energy Solutions Initiative
The transfer of energy expertise, the promotion of foreign trade and the facilitation of international development cooperation are part of the German Energy Solutions Initiative, which is coordinated and financed by the German Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy. The initiative offers networking and business opportunities in Germany and abroad, it showcases reference projects and facilitates capacity building.
dena Renewable Energy Solutions Programme (dena RES Programme)
The dena RES Programme was developed by the Deutsche Energie-Agentur (dena) – the German Energy Agency. This programme, co-financed by the Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy within the German Energy Solutions Initiative, helps German renewable energy companies enter new markets. Within the framework of the programme, reference and demonstration projects are installed near prestigious institutions. The installation is accompanied by comprehensive PR, marketing and training programmes. These projects showcase high-quality German renewable energy technology and help participating companies gain a foothold in new markets.
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