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Press release: Ignite launches the most affordable solar price plan in Africa for Solar Home Systems

With a recently secured local currency debt financing, Ignite is increasing its reach with ever truly affordable solutions serving Rwandan customers at a better price than anywhere else in the continent. For only $4 per month, Ignite provides a 3 light Solar home system, the lowest cost in Africa’s solar history, according to Sendea Marketplace*.

Ignite has also launched last week an affordable TV system for customers that wish to upgrade to a larger system, making all tiers of energy access affordable to its rapidly growing client base. This is on top of Ignite’s wide range of Lighting Global Certified paygo systems that are supplied by experienced manufacturers that share Ignite’s unwavering commitment to quality and client satisfaction. 

Ignite product range is targeted at every customer segment, from deep rural homes to urban clients. With the deepest reaching network across the country, Ignite can connect any home in any location offering the right solution to their energy needs.

Yariv Cohen, Ignite Chief Executive said – “Ignite completed phase 2 of the nationwide project, and is the largest rural utility in Rwanda. Now we can utilise our wide network of 1,600 installers, operational efficiency and economies of scale to make solar more affordable than ever before. The latest price plan marks the beginning of phase 3 of the project, on track to achieve our goal of 100% Clean Access in Rwanda.”

Angela Homsi, Ignite’s CIO “We are excited that local commercial capital is coming to the solar home systems sector. This indicated that the sector is maturing, and moving from niche financing to mainstream capital. With professional capital providers on board and aligned with Ignite vision, we can offer even greater value for money for our clients, deepening the addressable market and enabling access to energy to our most remote clients. We expect the trend to continue, and enable us to lower the cost of capital further, and with it, or customer offering”

About Ignite 

Ignite is the largest rural utility in Rwanda, and the fastest growing in Africa. The Company distributes and finances high quality solar home systems to clients across the continent, connecting hundreds of thousands of beneficiaries to safe, affordable, renewable power. With over 1,600 installers regionally, Ignite has far reaching network, covering every region in the country. The company services 60,000 clients, and on track to complete the connection of 250,000 homes ahead of schedule.