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Press release: HERi Madagascar and Nadji.Bi reach a distribution agreement: When Pan African High Quality Solar Technology illuminates the Red Island: Africa is winning!

Mbour, September, 15th 2016 – The Pan-African start-up Nadji.Bi Group, one of the major Africanbased leaders in off-grid solar solutions, and HERi Madagascar, an impact-generating business that provides access to renewable energy, quality products and innovative, services through its extensive energy kiosk network in rural Madagascar, have decided to work together. Starting from September 1st, HERi Madagascar will be retailing Nadji.Bi solar devices within its energy kiosks.  
The technical qualification period for Nadji.Bi, a Senegalese-based company, by HERi Madagascar took one and half year.  After testing samples and assessing the quality of the Nadji.Bi’s solar devices and services, HERi Madagascar decided to commence retailing the solar devices, which are available Pan-African wide.   
The portable solar lanterns Nadji.Bi Lion v.1 and the Nadji.Bi Star v.1 streetlights will be shortly used in Madagascar.  By being introduced in rural communities, these populations will benefit from both the comfort and security that solar products bring. HERi Madgascar’s customers have already experienced how solar products like these, lead to healthier, safer families, better education as students can use the evening hours for studying and increased security as brighter villages give an over increased feeling of security.   HERi Madagascar, one of the leaders in addressing the needs of rural electrification through the introduction of energy kiosks has 65 energy kiosks in Madagascar.  The company offers a wide-range of electrical and consumer products that were not available previously to these rural communities both for sale and for rent.  The company will have 150 kiosks by the end of 2017, in part thanks to a grant from the European Union Power Kiosk Program.   
« The Nadji.Bi solar devices suits to local needs very well, in that it is a well-manufactured, completive products» explained Sylvain Martin, General Manager of HERi Madagascar.  He also adds « The service and the professionalism of Nadji.Bi teams were top-notch and we look forward to testing new Nadji.Bi solar devices in the future should if Nadji.Bi continue theirs R&D efforts and develop further innovative products. »  
As an innovative social business, Nadji.Bi has shaped an ambitious Research & Development program, enabling the definition and development of competitive technical solar solutions, capable of facing the energy challenges of the African continent. These solutions are developed, prototyped and manufactured in the continent, in order to develop the added value and economic environment of the continent.   
Ismaël MOHAMADOU DJIDA, Chairman of Nadji.Bi, also declared « It’s an honor and a pride to work with a renowned company such as HERi Madagascar, which already delivered great social impact in its country. After our Solar Mini-Kit Nadji.Bi Zebu v.1 meets Lighting global Quality Standards, the technical qualification by HERi Madagascar demonstrates once again the high level of quality that Nadji.Bi is capable to develop and to manufacture. »    

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Nadji.Bi Sénégal SARL : 

About Nadji.Bi :
Nadji.Bi Group is a fast-growing mobile and self-consumption solar solutions manufacturer with low-cost operations. Social Business based mainly in Africa, the group has offices in Senegal, Cameroon, Burkina Faso, Asia and France. Nadji.Bi Group develops innovating products, which answer the needs of subSaharan African markets.  Nadji.Bi Group is manufacturing part of its products in Senegal and is selling them through a large distribution network adapted to the rural sub-Saharan markets, in Senegal, Benin, Burkina Faso, Cameroon, Mali, Togo, Ivory Coast, Madagascar and other countries and regions.   

About HERi Madagascar:
HERi Madagascar is an impact-generating business that drives economic growth, tackles poverty alleviation and enables female-driven empowerment and entrepreneurship through its solar-powered energy kiosks. These solar kiosks are built in rural, sometimes quite remote, off-grid rural areas of Madagascar. Managed by female entrepreneurs, they enable population to rent or to buy solar lanterns, to charge their Mobile phones of their batteries, to print or to copy files, to watch televisión or to buy fresh drinks, etc. HERi Madagascar considers electricity as the entrance door of Development.  Thanks to its long term footprints within remote villages, HERi Madagascar is capable to build a sustainable trust relationship with populations and to deliver a continuous Service to kiosks entrepreneurs. 



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