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Connected Energy Achieves Funding Milestone

We’re excited today to share that we have closed our Seed B funding round comprising 10 investors, including Old College Capital and Sustainable Ventures. Through this round and other funding sources the company has secured $1.25m to take forward its ambitious plans for growth and impact. Many thanks to all our investors and supporters in helping us to reach this milestone.

We work across clean cooking and off-grid electrification, and our objectives are:

  • To support biogas as a clean, affordable and truly sustainable cooking fuel. We do this through Smart Biogas, our smart metering solution designed to work with any type of small-scale bio-digester. We believe that with the right tools, biogas can commence a growth trajectory as seen in the off-grid solar market.

  • Support local off-grid solar enterprises to put together and sell their own product packages, rather than relying on somebody else’s solar kits. We do this through Cloud Solar, a suite of DC smart metering products, specifically designed to enable fully customised solar packages that suit local needs.

Coming Up

The first Cloud Solar product is on the market and already used in 5 countries. Over the next year we will be broadening the range to include larger smart charge controllers, so that customers can monitor, control and bill for all sorts of productive appliances. We are also making a micro-inverter for customers that want to offer AC power to their customers.

Final development of Smart Biogas has been delayed due to Covid-19, but we’re nearly ready. We will be bringing two variants to market at the same time – covering all biodigester types – and are confident that the measurement and analytic applications can change the way that you go about your biogas operations. We’re also building a PAYG platform, that will open up new commercial options for biogas companies too.

  • Want to know more about our products? Follow the links to Cloud Solar and Smart Biogas.

  • Are you interested in distributing our products? See here for the more information.

  • Get in touch with our local teams.

And yes, we’re hiring!



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