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Press release: First A2EI Advisory Board formed

We are very happy and honored to announce the composition of the Access to Energy Institute’s (A2EI) advisory board today.

Rather than setting up a board from day one, we decided to initially achieve a certain materiality, i.e. by setting up our first projects and research focuses, before convening a group of advisors to help us steer the A2EI.

Our Solar Killed the Generator Star project in Nigeria, our research into solar cooking and agricultural business applications, along with our focus on data loggers and quantitative technical data demonstrate the current array of capabilities of the A2EI.

Now that the A2EI has successfully launched, the road ahead, the focus, ands the goals need to be made more explicit and the strategy refined. 

To that effect, we have asked the four people we trust most in this industry to accompany the development of the A2EI as advisory board members. While all four are also friends, we feel very privileged to be able to tap into their aggregate knowledge, instinct, experience and wisdom.

We are absolutely delighted to start the joint strategic discussion with them on where we collectively think the A2EI currently is, will be – and should be to make an ambitious, lasting difference in the solar offgrid space.

Find out more about the advisory board here:


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