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Firefly launches PowerPlus: a second-generation containerised Hybrid Power Generator

We are excited to announce the arrival of our latest hybrid power solution – the PowerPlus. This second-generation, containerised Hybrid Power Generator (HPG) addresses a growing demand for sustainable and reliable power solutions across many sectors, such as sites with little or no access to electricity grid, remote telecoms infrastructure, or places currently relying on traditional diesel generators for power. At its heart lies an advanced programmable controller and battery management system paired with smart AC distribution and user-friendly interface to manage the generator.

On average, PowerPlus users can expect savings of up to 2,000 litres of fuel each month. The integrated high-capacity batteries (available as either AGM or Lithium options) provide up to 60% run time reduction over diesel-only generators, and features like advanced load management, optimised quiet hours, and the ability to set multiple run time schedules help increase the performance even further.

By incorporating the PowerPlus unit into their application, users will also benefit from a significant reduction in noise (thanks to its built-in two-stage silencer), as well as CO2, NOx and SO2 emissions. Optimised running of the PowerPlus hybrid generator helps significantly extend plant life and reduces the maintenance requirements – all while providing a continuous power supply.

Performance data such as socket level loading and energy consumption is constantly monitored and recorded for analysis not only via the built-in 7″ touchscreen, but also remotely using Firefly’s bespoke Remote Fleet Management platform – GLOW RFM®. This results in a hybrid power system that is powerful, yet extremely easy to operate and maintain for both fleet operators and site workers.

Cloud-based GLOW RFM® platform, which powers all of Firefly battery hybrid products, allows for complete remote control of the unit, easy troubleshooting, detailed environmental reporting, and offers a host of more advanced capabilities, such as user-programmable logic solutions, individual outlet configuration, and custom e-mail alerts.

Once on-site, the 10ft PowerPlus provides a modest footprint with air intake, filtration, and exhaust points conveniently located on the main access doors and roof respectively. Forklift pockets and ISO container corner twist lock fittings make the PowerPlus easy to manoeuvre with just a regular forklift.

David Piper, Firefly’s Head of Off-grid Power Solutions, explains:

“We observe a steady rise in demand for hybrid power across many industries. PowerPlus is aimed primarily at organisations seeking a complete and reliable mini grid power solution for remote or unattended installations, telecoms infrastructure, construction sites, and emergency response scenarios. While emission and noise reduction are often the priority among our clients, we also like to emphasise the significant savings in fuel costs and maintenance expenses that our products offer. We feel that hybrid power solutions should not only make sense from environmental perspective, but also offer clear long-term financial benefits. The launch of PowerPlus shows our commitment to this goal.”

PowerPlus HPG launches today with first units being shipped to construction sites around the UK. AGM and Lithium battery options will become available for ordering in the coming weeks.

Firefly Hybrid Power is a UK-based cleantech company owned by CCL Energy Group that specialises in design and manufacturing of Hybrid Battery Power Systems for construction, telecoms, live events, broadcast, rail, and many other industries looking for more sustainable and cost-effective power solutions. If you would like to see how a battery hybrid power solution from Firefly can help you reduce emissions, noise and fuel spend, get in touch with our team at, or visit for more information regarding our product range.