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Press release: Faber Infrastructure launches container-based power supply

Saarbrücken, 5 October 2020. In October, the subsidiary of one of Europe’s leading cable distributors, Klaus Faber AG, has launched the compact solar battery container Mobile Power System and started series production. This intelligent overall solution combines a 24-kW solar system with 80-kWh lithium-ion battery storage and an emergency power generator.

Modular construction system

The new power supply of Faber Infrastructure GmbH is characterised in particular by its modular architecture and plug & play design. All components are stowed in a standardised 20-foot container for transport. On site, the solar wings can be quickly and conveniently folded out and put into operation. Individual module units such as the 24/7 backup unit are compactly mounted on slide-in grid-frame modules and easily accessible. The system is operated and monitored via the control panel on the container door. If required, both the generation and storage capacity can be retrofitted at any time.

“We wanted to develop an environmentally friendly power supply that saves on fossil fuels, reduces noise and exhaust emissions and can be flexibly expanded. In addition, it should be easy to transport and quickly put into operation. With the Mobile Power System we have achieved our goals”, explains Ulrich Spies, Managing Director of Faber Infrastructure GmbH.

Flexible worldwide use

The Mobile Power System has a wide range of applications: from off-grid energy for camps, refugee camps, radar and radio stations to first aid during disaster relief operations and temporary power supply for construction sites and events. The container can be utilised to set up a self-sufficient basic power supply, but the system can also be integrated into an existing grid.

Since the Mobile Power System harmonises with the most diverse supply structures and load conditions, it can be used worldwide. To ensure that the power supply works reliably in the long term, Faber Infrastructure offers its customers needs-based services, trains the customer’s own service personnel and provides a reliable supply of spare parts.

About Faber Infrastructure GmbH:

Faber Infrastructure GmbH is an independent subsidiary of Klaus Faber AG, the leading cable distributor in Europe. For more than 70 years, this name has stood for energy know-how, excellent customer service and outstanding product quality.  

Since its foundation in 2018, Faber Infrastructure has concentrated on the business fields of energy and mobility. From its headquarters in Saarbrücken, Faber Infrastructure GmbH designs future-oriented products and solutions for the international market. In doing so, Faber Infrastructure relies on integrated concepts that sustainably reduce the burden on the environment. In addition to the PV battery storage containers, Faber offers e-scooter fleet solutions for companies.  

Interesting insights:

You can see how quickly the Mobile Power System can be set up in our animation:


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