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Sungrid Group’s aim to bring power to the people, thereby enriching the lives of millions, has taken another step forward with the launch of its portable solar Education Kits. Powered by Ecoboxx, its flagship product, these kits are providing affordable solar power classroom solutions able to be used by ANY school, ANYwhere.
“Listed by the United Nations as number four in its business plan for the world, quality education is undoubtedly critical to a sustainable future,” says Paul Hubers, founder and director, Sungrid Group. “However, far too often access to this is fraught with challenges and lack of opportunity.”
Sungrid Group’s latest initiative sees it powering development in Africa’s rural areas. “Education transformation models require access to reliable electricity,” continues Hubers. Yet, Africa’s traditional power supply remains inconsistent at best. The Ecoboxx Education Kits seek to change this.
“Currently, we have two options available,” says Hubers. By bundling what is known as a bubblegum table together with an Ecoboxx, Sungrid is able to provide a solution for individual learning opportunities. Alternatively, by bundling multiple devices with an Ecoboxx capable of meeting larger power requirements, entire classroom solutions become possible. “The impact on learners has been extraordinary, including measurable literacy and numeracy improvement together with a noticeable increase in both engagement and school attendance.”
Taking it one step further, Sungrid is also in discussion with INTEL to leverage its Education Tablet with Stylus. “INTEL already enjoy huge traction within the education sector,” says Hubers. “We believe that combining its products with our portable solar power solutions will ultimately deliver the best overall offering for schools everywhere.”

To find out more, or to help us power development in our communities, please contact us today on 021 447 6849 or



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