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Press release: Comoros takes a step closer to sustainability. SOLAR23 to set up first on-grid photovoltaic power plants in Comoros

The Comoros Islands or Comoros form an archipelago of volcanic islands in the Indian Ocean and are known for theirfragrant plant life and great scenic beauty. Most of the existing power energy sources are based on diesel generators. Yet, although there are hydroelectric power plants, the islands still suffer from an unreliable supply of water and power.
In order to meet the demand of electricity, the government and the national company MA-MWE are seeking formodern solutions based on renewable energy. This recently led to an international tender and Comoros’ very firstsolar power project: to supply and install one on-grid PV power plant of 150 kWp, one on-grid PV power plant of 25kWp as a parking carport and the delivery of solar street lights. The project is being financed by the European Union through the ACP-EU Energy Facility.
The tender was won by SOLAR23 and includes supply, installation, training, commissioning and maintenance plus civil works including the construction of the technical room and fences. The project that has been signed off in March this year is expected to be finished by end of October. SOLAR23 is fully responsible for the whole project. And as sustainability has many aspects, SOLAR23 will be working with the local partner and subcontractor NETISSE in order to support and boost the economy of Comoros.
This turnkey project is innovative and unique for Comoros, as the solar power systems on Mohéli Island are the first to be established in the country. The state-of-the-art systems will generate approximately 320.000 kWh each year with high quality modules and components “made in Germany and Europe”.
For MA-MWE and SOLAR23 this might be the beginning of a strong and lasting business relationship as both companies have the aim to “illuminate” the country. With the Comoros being exposed to eight hours per day of sunlight (2,880 hours /year) at an average of 5.0 kw p/m2- solar power system are a sustainable alternative to diesel generators.
The video of contract signing you will find on following link:

About SOLAR23
SOLAR23 GmbH, based in Ulm, is a provider of turnkey, grid-connected and off-grid photovoltaic systems with an international dealer and customer network in Europe and Africa. The company is particularly competent in independent PV power supplies for telecommunications transmission stations, electrification of rural villages, street lights, water pumps for the drinking water supply and basic electrification of households. In addition to retail and industrial customers, bilateral and international non-governmental organizations (NGOs) and developmental aid organizations make up their customer base.