Press Releases

Cloud Solar: customised solar made easy

  • Low-cost remote monitoring solution for effective management of solar assets

  • New product designed for businesses ready to expand in the off-grid solar market

  • Product piloted in India and Rwanda, now launched

Connected Energy are launching Cloud Solar, their first product. With this internet-connected charge-controller, organisations can monitor and control solar installations such as home systems from anywhere in the world. It is designed to replace existing solar charge controllers, enabling customised smart solar packages.

The product is perfect for businesses looking to keep track of multiple installations, or seeking to expand their market reach by enabling Pay-As-You-Go financing in existing product packages.

Globally, the solar sector has grown hugely in recent years, but 1000s more companies are needed to ensure electricity access for all. Cloud Solar has been developed with and for local companies who wish to scale-up their solar business, whilst flexibly developing their own product packages and maintaining a large proportion of value locally.

Product manager Jordan Silverman said:

“We have worked with companies in 3 countries whilst developing the product, which complements our clients’ offerings.

We are delighted to launch Cloud Solar, which will support companies to grow, ensuring greater local value in the solar market”.

Cloud Solar is launching in India and East Africa (from a base in Rwanda), with resources available to install the product elsewhere.

Connected energy acknowledges that different customers have different needs and are available to work with organisations to accommodate those needs.                                                                           

If you are a small-medium business working in the green energy sector, we look forward to working with you towards a low-carbon future!