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Press release: ‘Centros Luz en Casa’, Good Practice of the Global Compact International Yearbook

Madrid (Spain).- The Good Practices section of the Global Compact International Yearbook 2017 includes the article “Enlightening Entrepreneurship” referred to the ‘Centros Luz en Casa’, an ACCIONA Microenergia Foundation’s initiative that promotes entrepreneurship for access to energy at the base of the pyramid.

The article “Enlightening Entrepreneurship” depicts the initiative of the ‘Centros Luz en Casa’, the inclusive entrepreneurial network at the base of the pyramid which was started by the ACCIONA Microenergia Foundation in 2014. Nowadays there are 19 operating centres, managed by local people who have been specifically trained to offer customer services to more than 46,000 users of ACCIONA Microenergia in Peru and Mexico.
These businesses offer technical services, as well as low-consumption, quality, and affordable electric devices, to users of solar home systems in rural settings. They count on a catalogue with almost 20 products comprising different models of connectors, radios, TVs, lamps and bulbs, portable DVD, tablet or blender. ACCIONA Microenergia, as Centro Luz en Casa franchiser, provides them with stock of those products, manages device guarantee and orders installations and repairs of systems to the technicians who are in charge of these small enterprises.
Thanks to the Centros Luz en Casa, local entrepreneurs, including several women who are owners or workers of these family businesses, get a professional qualification and additional incomes with this activity. In addition, the users of the Luz en Casa programmes have the opportunity of increase the positive impacts of the electricity on their lives.
“Enlightening Entrepreneurship” is included in the International Yearbook 2017 of the Global Compact together with other examples of good practices of its partners; ACCIONA joined this movement in 2005. The Global Compact is a United Nations initiative that promotes the implementation of ten principles related to human and labour rights, the environment and combating corruption among corporations. Its yearbook is a publication by participants for participants that offers proactive and in-depth information on key sustainability issues and promotes unique and comprehensive knowledge exchange and learning in the spirit of the SDGs and the Global Compact principles (
ACCIONA Microenergia and the Sustainable Development Goals
The Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) are included in the 2030 Agenda, a 15-year plan of action that favours the people, the planet and the prosperity. There are 17 SDG which are integrated and indivisible and that comprise the three dimensions of the Development: economic, social and environmental.
The rural electrification programmes of the ACCIONA Microenergia foundation impact on those three dimensions, and directly on the SDG 7, Ensure access to affordable, reliable, sustainable and modern energy for all. With the development of the ‘Centros Luz en Casa’, the SDG 8, Promote sustained, inclusive and sustainable economic growth, full and productive employment and decent work for all, is impacted too. 
The ACCIONA Microenergia Foundation
It is the ACCIONA’s corporate foundation and has as objective the development cooperation, through the promotion of the access to basic services and infrastructures of people and communities that have no expectations of covering those needs.