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Press release: Bridging the electrification gap in Asia through off-grid PV systems

Friday August 4 // 10:00 CET (16:00 SST)

Accelerating off-grid in South East Asia


512 million people do not have access to electricity in Asia’s developing countries. India accounts for 244 million, South-East Asia for 102 million (primarily Indonesia, Myanmar and Cambodia) and 166 million are situated in the rest of developing Asia (60 million in Bangladesh, 51 million in Pakistan and others)*. Despite this shockingly high number and the great potential of off-grid applications, the off-grid market hasn’t grown at the same scale as it has in Africa.
In preparation for the Unlocking Solar Capital Asia Conference (Singapore, 28-29 September), Solarplaza will host an expert webinar featuring Charu Chadha (GSMA Mobile for Development Utilities) and Laura Sundblad (Program Advisor, Global Off-Grid Lighting Association). During the webinar our panelists will be discussing how the development of the sector can be accelerated, what solutions off-grid can bring and how it can be financed. Topics include:

  • Overview of the off-grid solar segment in Asia and its most promising market
  • What type of funding is available for off-grid solar companies in Asia?
  • What are recent innovative mobile technologies in the market?
  • What is needed to accelerate the off-grid segment in Asia?

For webinar registrations, please visit: 

For any questions you might have regarding the webinar program or the USC Asia conference, please contact Shushan Khachatryan, Project Manager at Solarplaza | email: | tel: +31 10 3027 909


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