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Press release: Activity Report January – June 2016

Solar villages
In order to be able to make a long-term contribution towards alleviating poverty in developing countries, we pursue a concentrated and comprehensive approach towards village development which entails providing whole villages with solar energy. In addition to the individual households, public buildings such as schools, health centers and churches, are also provided with solar power.
Sustainable success is ensured, on the one hand, by technicians on-site who are responsible for maintenance and service and, on the other hand, by the inhabitants themselves who pay a monthly flat rate to cover the costs.
To date there are solar villages in Ethiopia, Uganda and Cambodia.

  • Cambodia: In the solar village of Chbar Chros approximately 100 households were provided with the basic solar configuration giving them light and the possibility to charge their mobile phones. The school as well as the health center were also provided with solar facilities making evening classes possible as well as enabling medical assistance in the evening and a reliable system of cooling medicines.
  • Ethiopia: The water pump in Arso Amba is finally in operation! The laborious daily trek to the water source in the valley – particularly for the women and the children – has become superfluous.
  • Uganda: Our partner, Anuel Energy, has successfully provided 100 households with solar systems in the solar village of Kasozi. In the next step churches and schools are to be equipped with solar systems.

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Light for Education: village schools
With a new concept of a revolving fund for schools we are supporting the initiative of many village schools in Africa. These suffer because there is no power supply for classes in the evenings.
The underlying principle is simple: All of the schools we select are equipped with a solar system to ensure that at least one classroom is provided with light. That costs – including the installation and maintenance – 500 euro. The school pays back this sum in monthly installments over an agreed period of time. The incentive for the school: The paid back money is available to them once again in order to finance, for example, lighting in further classrooms or to install safety lights. Maintenance and service are ensured on a long-term basis by our partners on-site.
In this way we are not just making presents of solar systems, but are supporting the initiative of the schools and teachers and enabling long-term further development. Our revolving fund is starting in 2016, initially in Uganda.
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Health centers
In the rural areas of Africa and Asia, the health centers provide the foundation for medical care. For more than ten years we have been providing a reliable source of solar energy to health centers in Africa and Asia. By means of electricity for light and the refrigeration of medicine we are making a long-term contribution towards the improvement of the medical care of the rural population. In the first half of 2016 we have equipped a total of 16 health centers in Ethiopia, Kenya and Cambodia with solar energy for light and the refrigeration of medicine.
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Support for entrepreneurs: Sendea
Our Sendea program supports young solar tradespeople to set up their own firms. The aim is to create safe jobs. In the first six months of 2016 Daniel Pacheco (Cambodia) and Frank Neil Yiga (Uganda) were supported with comprehensive mentoring and training. In the next stage they will receive trade credit from our Sun-Connect eG co-operative.
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Sun-Connect eG
The Sun-Connect eG co-operative (, which was initiated by the Solar Energy Foundation, has become an important instrument in our efforts to remove obstacles hindering the supply of solar products to developing countries. By means of trade credit the members of the co-operative enable solar companies in Africa and Asia to import and sell solar systems. This is an important aid for building up new companies!
In the financial year 2015 the co-operative made a profit. At the general meeting on 29th June 2016 the members decided to pay a dividend of around 3%. In addition, a school project of the Solar Energy Foundation will be supported with 2,700 euro. Many thanks!

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