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Press release: A new innovative vision to address the demand of affordable housing

Ergon Solair PBC, an American Public Benefit corporation (formerly Ergon Solair Taiwan), continuing in its decade long tradition of innovation, new visions and creative business models promotes and coordinates, in line with its traditional “GLOCAL SUSTAINABILITY” policy, an affordable and sustainable housing “R&D DREAM TEAM” to develop and deliver this innovative smart and sustainable solution. The team is formed by Kenyan building specialists and architects, and an array of International renewable energy technology partners and experts (Italian, US, Isreali, Canadian, German, etc.) with over 15.000 MW (collectively) of hands on experience.
Smart Social Solar Housing is an innovative building concept which couples solar energy and affordable housing, the income generated from solar energy contributes to paying off the house mortgage, in all or in large part. We therefore off-set the costs of social housing (all or part) from the Government housing budgets to the energy market, increasing the accessibility of affordable housing and energy access, promoting local skills enhancement, technology transfer, generating employment opportunities and renewable energy capacity.
Our Pay-4-Itself Smart Social Solar Housing units are designed and proposed to be built with Cmax/M2 (Kenya) Expanded Polystyrene panels and building system which relies on the technology of Emmedue (Italy), the global leader in EPS production and building technology, characterized by over 30 years of experience, certified quality, excellent $/M2 costing and unbeatable construction speed.
The Pay-4-Itself Smart Social Solar Housing is designed as single-storey row housing with distribution grid connected solar roofs and multi-storey apartment buildings with solar roof and combined transmission grid connected ground mounted systems. These Smart Social Solar Housing units are designed to generate in average 5-10 KWp/each housing unit.
Governments are reacting positively to the Smart Social Solar Housing concept which assists in overcoming the financial constraints that limit social housing development programs. We are already in process of finalizing agreements to deliver 30.000 such units to an East African Government under Project Finance in partnership with International funds and expect to reach over 100.000 units pre-sold within 2018.
The estimated mid term demand in East Central Africa alone for such a solution is projected to over 1 Million housing units in view of the combined requirements of both energy and social housing.
We have formulated also targeted solutions for housing Sacco’s (housing cooperatives) that will facilitate their members to purchase affordable housing at 50% less than average market costs thanks to our innovative approach. We aim at delivering over 100.000 Smart Social Solar Housing units to East African housing cooperatives.
The Global Headquarters of the operation being established in Kenya being already the HQ of the Cmax factory. Subsidiaries will be operating throughout Sub Saharan Africa.
Ergon Solair already operates in Kenya through an affiliate that is currently developing a 40 MW solar utility power plant in Kisumu County. The power plant, in addition to supporting the increasing energy requirements of Western Kenya, is planned to host also a solar R&D center for the training and enhancement of skills of East African solar energy engineers and technicians making Kisumu a center of African solar technology excellence.
Lorenzo L. Colacicchi (American-Italian), founder, Chairman and CEO of Ergon Solair PBC and leader of the Pay-4-Itself Smart Social Solar Housing R&D team, comments:
“Our goal is to implement and offer a unique development model that facilitates Governments and housing cooperatives to implement Social Housing programs through the combined benefits generated by solar energy and EPS building technology, therefore offering housing solutions that Pay-4-Themselves in all or in part through solar financial integration”.
Alberto Soprani (Kenyan), co-founder and Director of Cmax Kenya, and Senior Vice Chairman (Africa) of Ergon Solair, comments:
“We have been pleased to partner with Ergon Solair in developing and promoting this new vision of Smart Social Solar Housing which supports inclusive policies for Africans, facilitating accessibility to high quality housing and better quality of life. All the more we are pleased that this activity will be centrally headquartered in Kenya adding a further medal to the Kenyan tradition of regional leadership in technology innovation”.

For further information:
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Alberto Soprani
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P.O.Box 63952 – 00619. Nairobi. Kenya