Policy gaps, high taxes and incoherent regulations hamper solar penatration in East Africa

A regional report on strengthening the off-grid solar electrification market through improved policy and advocacy in East Africa has been launched Thursday, August 5, 2021 — holding great promises for the sector.

The report, a culmination of an extensive year-long study to assess the policy environment in the Off-grid solar sector—highlights industry grey areas but also draws recommendations to further bolster off-grid solar energy penetration.

While regional governments including Uganda, Rwanda, Tanzania, Burundi and Kenya have heavily invested in hydro power generation, findings show that the penetration to end users is very slow, service is unreliable but also very expensive—leading to regional development disparities especially urban and rural populations.

The report further shows that a whopping 82 million out of 177 million East African citizens do not have access to electricity, with the report also revealing troubling statistics in Burundi, Tanzania and Uganda.

Electricity access stands at 59.7% in Rwanda, 7% in Burundi, 36% in Tanzania, 56% in Kenya and 42.6% in Uganda.

The report shows East African region is now increasingly focussing on Off-grid electrification solutions to scale access to energy and fight climate change.

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