New solar TV in Kenya and India: a comparison

In the past few weeks, two new solar TVs have appeared on the market, each offering a novelty in their country:

• IndiaSimpa offers the first PAYG-TV at all in India

• KenyaAzuri is the first to integrate a PAYG TV with a PAY TV subscription


It is surprising that in the large Indian market only now a solar TV with a pay-as-you-go-model (PAYG) is offered. Until now, solar TV were only available on cash payment and were then connected to common solar home systems (SHS). Only the SHS could be paid by customers through a PAYG model. Now this is possible for the first time for the complete system.

Solar TV with PAYG funding has been widely used in East Africa for a long time now. Here, however, Azuri is taking another step forward with an innovative model and is expanding its offer to customers in Kenya: not only the hardware is delivered, but also a two-year subscription with the Kenyan pay TV provider ZUKU. This way numerous private channels are also available to the Azuri customers. The PAY TV subscription is offered normally by ZUKU for around USD120. ZUKU hopes thereby to open up new customer circles, which could not be reached so far due to lack of power supply.


Comparison of offers

In direct comparison, there are differences in the size of the TV or other integrated additional components. For example, Azuri also provides a satellite dish as well as a portable radio. Also with the battery technology and also the size, both suppliers go clearly different ways.

Despite all the differences in detail, the price difference for cash purchase between the two offers is striking: the Kenyan offer at USD 873 is more than twice as expensive as the Indian (USD 390). However, the price difference is clearly reduced when we look at the monthly installments for a household. And that is ultimately the decisive factor for a PAYG customer.