New e-mobility charging stations will help bring cleaner and greener transportation to Kenya and beyond

Charge Up! An exciting new collaborative project between Energy 4 Impact, Arc Ride, Fika Mobility, Imperial College London and Strathmore University has been awarded $300K by Partnering for Green Growth and the Global Goals 2030 (P4G) to test the commercial viability of their battery-as-a-service model. By doing so, the project will help accelerate the e-mobility transition in Kenya and the wider region, bringing cleaner and more sustainable modes of transport to sub-Saharan Africa.

By establishing a network of 45 charging stations across Nairobi over the next 12 months, the project will provide convenient, affordable battery swaps for e-scooters/electric boda-boda. Charge Up! aims to develop a business model that is replicable and scalable in any other African city.

With data from 285+ vehicles and 45 charging/swapping sites, the partnership aims to create a viable battery swap business model that can provide a risk-free return on investment for commercial partners within three years. By project closure, Charge Up! will have generated sufficient evidence to prove the viability of ARC Ride’s plans to scale up the provision of battery-as-a-service in Nairobi, with the aim of duplicating the business model across more East African cities.

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