“Most important skill is a good understanding of a Renewable Energy System”

Phocos AG is among the world’s leading manufacturers of solar-powered charge controllers and components for autonomous power supply. Energy-saving appliances such as lamps, refrigeration/freezing appliances and other accessories supplement the product spectrum.




SC News: Do you remember the first customer your company has served? Who and where was it? What did he/she buy?

Mr. Rudy MüllerYes, certainly I can remember, it was a small SHS using a 10A PWM controller, intended to be used in a simple 3 lights system, on the countryside where no other energy source was available but PV and that would spare the use of candles, more expensive and more riskfull in their use (open flame).

SC News: What would you recommend young entrepreneurs in Asia/Africa in the off-grid solar sector when they start to work: what is the most important skill or talent they need?

Mr. Rudy MüllerThe most important skill will be a very good understanding of a Renewable Energy System and in evaluating, and accordingly sizing the system components with regards to energy balance.

SC News: When companies grow, the need for good and reliable staff is big. How do you find your staff?

Mr. Rudy Müller: Most of the staff comes from good networking and indications.

SC News: Right now we see a huge focus on pay-as-you-go sale in the off-grid sector. How do you see the further development of this type of business?

Mr. Rudy MüllerThis form of energy source/billing is becoming even more popular and is finding good resonance in providing energy solution at the exact amount/requirement of each individual person/user request.

SC News: In your view, what are the main challenges in making renewables an affordable easy-to-access?

Mr. Rudy MüllerThe main challenges are becoming every day “less” significant:  A larger and widespread understanding of renewables can be continuously identified, increased demand/consume is pushing cost downwards due to economy scale.

SC News: Is the off-grid market Driven More by Policy or Technology?

Mr. Rudy MüllerTo me the market is very much driven by both factors, Policy and Technology. Most of the times, one follows the other, alternating, depending on the impact each change produces.


Facts and figures


Name of the company: Phocos AG
Founded: 2000
Headquarters based in: Ulm, Germany
Business activity: Manufacturer of solar charge controllers for off-grid systems
Countries/regions of activity: Europe, North and South America, Africa, MENA, SEA, India, Japan, Oceania
Number of staff worldwide: approx. 180
Email contact: