More than 400 member companies: Company Database

Few months after start, more than 400 off-grid companies are now member of our database.

The company database is a unique service, provided by Sun-Connect News. It allows especially small companies in developing countries to become visible. The member companies mainly are based in developing countries:


Three reasons why companies should become a member of the database:

  1. Your company is visible for potential investors.
    More and more investors are searching for interesting off-grid companies to invest in. Make your company visible for more investments!
  2. Your company can be found by manufacturers who are looking for local distributors.
    The increasing number of off-grid products manufacturers requires a growing number of local distributors. As a member of the Sun-Connect database, you get the opportunity to present yourself as partner.
  3. Your company presents itself to NGOs and other organizations as partner for local projects.
    International and local organizations need partners for energy projects in order to import, install and/or maintain products. With a record in the Sun-Connect Database it will be easier for your business to canvass new customers.

Sun-Connect News is the world’s largest news platform of the off-grid industry. The weekly newsletter is sent to more than 6,000 subscribers: investors, organizations, businesses, individuals. Monthly 14,000 hits on Sun-Connect News website from users worldwide.


Special offer to join the database as a “Business Member”: still valid until end of June. Don’t miss the opportunity!



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