Mangoo Marketplace increases quality assurance

Mangoo is the biggest B2B platform for solar products in Africa and Asia with more than 1,200 products from 174 manufacturers and local prices from more than 100 distributors.
To ensure that listed companies and products follow fundamental business principles and focus on quality the new "Mangoo Manufacturers and Products Policy" describes the Manufacturing and Business principles that Mangoo wants to push forward within the industry.

These principles relates to:

  • Rights to operate,
  • Attitude towards safety or health concerns for customers,
  • Focus on quality in the interest of the customer,
  • Existence of a quality system,
  • Governance for waste and recycling,
  • Norms and standards,
  • Respect of human rights at work,
  • Protecting health, safety, and security for employees,
  • Preserving the environment,
  • Preventing corruption,
  • Respecting the competition law.

Mangoo considers the principles enounced in it’s policy document as normal compulsory demands toward today’s companies that are active in the above mentioned sector. Mangoo relies on public available information but in case of a verifiable violation of these principles, Mangoo will report it accordingly. In case of a severe violation Mangoo will reserve the right of taking any appropriate decision.

In January Mangoo will launch a new search criteria for product and manufacturer quality, such as:

  • Products from manufacturers who have signed policy document
  • Manufacturers with ISO certificate
  • Products certified by Lighting Global

In combination with the already existing user ratings and published product test certificates this new search criteria is part of Mangoo’s ambition to increase market transparency and offer customers the most possible information to make their decision.

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