Key Off-Grid Lighting Stakeholders Gather at the Premier Industry Event from 26th to 29th October 2015

The off-grid lighting and energy sector has seen some exciting improvements over the past two years. In recent years the market has grown very fast (in some years over 100%). Growth is estimated to remain at 55% per year for the next years, and the market over the long term is valued at $50 billion. The technology behind it is also improving rapidly. The industry players are multiplying and diversifying, while companies become more sophisticated and professional, focusing on different parts of the value chain. Investment – while still falling far short of needs – is picking up both in number and size of investments. Clearly, there are enough things to discuss at the upcoming 4th International Off-Grid Lighting Conference and Exhibition, taking place from 26th until 29th of October.
No matter whether you are new to the sector or active for years – this conference will be a unique opportunity for you to meet key stakeholders from around the world and engage in inspiring discussions about the present and future developments in the sector. In addition, at the three and a half day Exhibition, part of the event, you will get to see the latest product and services innovations and have the opportunity for one-on-one talks with exhibitors and decision-makers.
Since the first conference took place in Accra, Ghana in 2008, this biennial event has grown exponentially, alongside the industry it supports. This year’s conference aims to be the largest to date, attracting more than 600 participants, including: manufacturers, suppliers, retailers, distributors, importers, financiers, government leaders, international organizations, end-user groups and consultants. Together, we will engage in active discussions during the thematic sessions, covering topics like: unlocking finance for the industry, business development support, product developments, quality assurance and innovation, policy and regulation, sustainability, and measuring the impacts of off-grid lighting. 
At this year’s conference we are also going to present the 3rd Market Trends Report – the definitive biannual report tracking the progress and the trends of the global off-grid lighting industry. The report will be jointly issued by Lighting Global and GOGLA. 
Don’t miss out on this unique opportunity. Secure your exhibition space and conference ticket until end of May and benefit from a 10% early bird discount. Join us at the only global event of its kind that focuses solely on the off-grid lighting and services industry. Meet and engage with decision makers from all over the world; share your experiences and vision about the future of our industry. We are looking forward to having you there!

More information about the conference:

Koen Peters is Executive Director of GOGLA


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