Systems and Process Officer (Lagos, Nigeria)

Role Brief: 
– To stop small problems from becoming big problems: providing day-to-day support to field staff in correctly implementing processes, using tools, and carrying out audit and implementation tasks in the field as required by line manager and training of new and existing staff.
The Systems and Process Officer is responsible for three key areas:

  1. Internal controls creation, implementation, and monitoring
  2. Training of new and existing staff for both onboarding and bridging the knowledge gap
  3. System maintenance of existing PULSE, ERP and IT systems

About the Role:

  • Internal controls creation, implementation and monitoring
  • Maintain a risk register of the key risks for the company
  • Document the internal controls the company has in place to mitigate the risks identified on the risk register
  • Work with department managers to develop new controls which address risks where existing controls are not sufficient
  • Monitor control and process compliance through bi-annual audits and spot checks at all company locations. A key part of this responsibility will be the compliance with stock management processes
  • Where noncompliance with controls or evidence of fraud is identified manage the investigation process in conjunction with the HR team so that the correct disciplinary actions can be taken
  • Provide reports with recommendations for control environment improvement to line manager on a bi-annual basis or as required
  • Training, assessing knowledge and refresher
  • Support the training manager to conduct the on-boarding of new Bboxx staff
  • Assess employee knowledge gap and recommend suitable training for both Pulse and processes
  • Lead refresher and change management training
  • Monitoring of system performance against SLAs from suppliers including Bboxx Group
  • Managing system issues escalated from shops, CSCC and local Service desk
  • Functionality of NGU IT systems
  • Advise departmental managers on the system impact of the implementation of a new process. The Systems and Process officer acts in an advisory capacity but does not own the process which belongs to the department manager
  • Work with BBOXX Group to identify system and process improvements that will have a positive impact on the company and advocate for the development of these

Possess a university degree or at least 2 years work experience.
Good fields are things like Business Process Management, Systems Engineering, or Industrial Engineering.
Ideally you have prior work experience that exposed you to the inner workings of “how things get done”.
General and Behavioral (Key Skills required):
The Systems and Process controller should have strong technical skills in the following areas:
Proficient use of MS excel, Power point and MS word
Knowledge and use of SQL queries to extract relevant information from database is a plus
Experience in using Promapp or other process mapping tools
Experience in the use of ERP systems

Source: BBOXX

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