Solar Specialist


  • Solar Site Inspection and After-Sales Support: – Follow up on solar site inspections to ensure correct installations and safety standards are met. Provide after-sales support for addressing post-installation issues promptly. Regular inspections help identify maintenance needs and ensure optimal performance. Create a checklist for inspections and establish clear communication channels for support.
  • Solar Installations and Commissioning: – Perform physical tasks like mounting panels and wiring connections for solar installations. Commissioning involves verifying system functionality, testing components, and documenting procedures for consistency across projects.
  • Technical Assistance: – Offer technical guidance and troubleshoot system issues for customers and maintenance teams. Stay updated on solar technology advancements to provide informed support.
  • Costing and Bill of Quantities (BOQ): – Ensure accurate project budgeting by considering material costs, labour, and overheads. Prepare detailed BOQs listing all required components and collaborate with procurement for competitive pricing.
  • System Monitoring: – Implement monitoring solutions to track performance and detect issues. Use remote tools for real-time alerts and promptly address anomalies in system data.
  • Technical Reports for Troubleshooting: – Prepare detailed reports when troubleshooting. system issues, including descriptions, diagnostic steps, and proposed solutions, with relevant data such as voltage readings and environmental conditions.



University degree (Renewable)

3-5years experience in a similar Field