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Ignite Power Catalyzes Clean Energy Access with Launch of Distributed Renewable Energy Systems Tender

Ignite Power, a leading pan-African provider of sustainable energy solutions, is pleased to announce the launch of a groundbreaking tender for the procurement of 500,000 Distributed Renewable Energy (DRE) solutions, including Solar Home Systems (SHS) and Solar Inverters, to cater its growing operations across the SSA region. This initiative marks a significant step towards advancing clean energy access across East and West Africa, empowering communities with reliable and affordable solar solutions.

Having witnessed exponential growth and expansion across multiple geographical territories across the SSA region, Ignite aims to connect 100 million people across Africa by 2030. In the past year, Ignite has completed 3 strategic acquisitions, entering high-potential markets including Kenya, Nigeria, and Senegal, substantially increasing its Total Available Market and bringing the ambitious goal of connecting 100 million people within reach.

In light of this recent expansion and the anticipated growth trajectory, Ignite is embarking on a structured procurement process, with the objective of procuring 500,000 SHS and solar inverters for its diverse market expansion in both East and West sub-Saharan Africa.

“This tender represents our dedication to expanding access to clean and sustainable energy solutions in underserved communities, everywhere” said Yariv Cohen, Ignite Power’s CEO. “We tirelessly strive to broaden our impact, extend our offerings, and serve more communities in various countries. Achieving our ambitious goals requires strategic partnerships and collaborations, which is precisely our aim with this tender.”

Distributed Renewable Energy solutions have emerged as the most sustainable, affordable, and scalable solution for large-scale electrification projects. In SSA, harnessing the abundant and accessible resource of sunlight has already brought clean, safe, and reliable electricity to millions for the first time. With over 600 million people still lacking access to electricity, solar home systems and inverters are poised to play a pivotal role in Africa’s electrification endeavors.

“Africa’s solar revolution is on the cusp of profound growth and impact in the coming years,” says Cohen. “Being the leading last-mile operation and execution platform in the solar sector, we invite ambitious suppliers who share our vision to participate in this tender and join us in charting the course toward a greener, more sustainable, and inclusive future.”

The deadline for submission of an Expression of Interest is Jun 15, 2024(7:00 pm GST). For more information on the tender and how to participate, please visit