How Renewables Could Kill Off Fossil Fuel Electricity By 2035: New Report

Solar and wind energy have the potential to meet global electricity demand 100 times over, and the costs of these renewables are collapsing so rapidly that fossil fuels could be pushed out of electricity generation altogether by 2035, according to a report by a U.K. think tank Varbon Tracker.

Carbon Tracker’s researchers identified four key groups of countries based on their potential to harness power from wind and solar to meet domestic demand.

Low-income countries with low energy use in sub-Saharan Africa were named “superabundant,” meaning they had the potential to generate at least 1,000 times more energy than their domestic demand.

Africa in particular had a lot of potential when it came to implementing renewable energy infrastructure, the report claimed, with researchers saying the region could become a “renewables superpower.”

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