Gates, Bezos, Wozniak: Big tech founders are driving clean energy through the roof

In recent years, the escalating climate crisis is leaving no room for doubt. Leading entrepreneurs and investors are realising they must enter the field and insert some much-needed innovation, both from an ecological perspective and an economical one. Musk was a pioneer in Tesla, and other giants are following in his footsteps, shifting attention to the sector and establishing its status in the global investment and innovation sphere.

According to a recent report by PWC, climate investments have become a global phenomenon. In 2019 total venture funding of climate tech increased to $16.1 billion, more than 3,750% increase from 2013.

These changes, trends and global attention show promising potential, one where technology leads the way to a more balanced existence. Africa is in a key position to enjoy these advancements, and encourage entrepreneurs and investors to incorporate their inventions across the continent, where energy solutions are sorely needed, and not only “nice to have”.

Clean energy has been on the headlines for years and is currently at its highest point, with high-profile figures taking the lead, investing time and money in establishing disrupting innovation. It is our responsibility to do everything in our power to create prime conditions for success, and help lead humanity to a greener tomorrow.

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