EPRA regulations are good but must make solar power safe for all

Anne Wacera from Strathmore Energy Research Centre points out that the claims that the draft regulations aimed at strangling the sector are founded on sensationalism and are as misleading as the narrative that using solar power is expensive.

She doesn’t agree with everything in the draft regulations. For example, professional indemnity requirements should be explained to us before being adopted as a requirement. In a conversation unrelated to the regulations, Kenyan banks noted that Kenyan insurance companies are notorious for not honouring legitimate claims hence insurance can’t be used to de-risk the renewable energy sector.

Therefore, transparency is needed as to who will be offering the cover, at what cost, if they’ll honour claims and the consequences they’ll face if legitimate claims aren’t honoured.

In terms of implementation, the regulations should be introduced in a phased manner in consultation with all stakeholders. A 2-3 year phase-out of the old regulations is advised, given that the sector is already grappling with the shocks of Covid-19 and the VAT on the sector.

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