Engie pilots battery collection in Uganda

While there are no formal e-waste recyclers operating in Uganda, the market is characterized by a highly complex network of informal collectors, aggregators and recyclers. One of the most hazardous e-waste materials are lead acid batteries. The majority of lead acid battery recyclers in Uganda are unlicensed and operate in dangerous environments without formal training in recycling.

Through the Solar E-Waste Challenge, Engie will utilize their last-mile presence to collect non-Fenix components, especially batteries, in close collaboration with the informal sector. They will develop a competitive incentive scheme to purchase the batteries from scrap dealers and map out the informal sector landscape. Their Solar E-Waste Challenge project aims to:

  • Develop and implement a comprehensive incentive structure for lead acid battery buyback
  • Collect 15 tonnes of e-waste and forward for safe recycling and disposal.
  • Rollout the pilot in Central and Eastern Uganda

At the core of their Challenge project is environmental and consumer protection. Engie hopes that their model will encourage other large solar companies to pilot and scale similar e-waste collection models in markets across the continent.

Source: Medium




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