End-of-Life Management of Batteries in the Off-grid Solar Sector

This new publication aims to give guidance to off-grid solar projects on how to address the challenge of hazardous battery waste arising from their projects. The characteristics of different E-Waste resulting from solar projects (panels, control devices, cables, other equipment) is briefly explained, before exploring in-depth the two most commonly used battery chemistries: lead-acid and lithium-ion.

Practical information is given on key aspects such as recycling practice, choosing battery types, product and system design, partnerships, business models and policy approaches for responsible collection and recycling. Given the strong context-dependency it is not possible to provide generic guidelines. However, consideration of battery types and developing options for end-of-life management are an important factor to ensure the sustainable impact of solar projects in the future.

Öko-Institut and Sofies were commissioned to write this guidance by the GIZ sector project “Sustainable Solid Waste Management and Circular Economy” on behalf of the BMZ, and it was developed in cooperation with the multi-donor programme EnDev.

Available here: Sun-Connect News Database




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