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In Zambia, the Dutch financial institution is opening a $2 million credit line for RDG Collective. The company, based in the capital Lusaka, supplies solar photovoltaic systems for the electrification of rural households and for the productive use of electricity.
Zambia’s solar energy industry has undergone a tremendous transition in 2023, opening the way for a future that is cleaner, greener, and more robust. The nation’s dedication to eradicating energy poverty is one of the main forces behind Zambia’s solar energy revolution. Solar power has changed the game in rural areas with limited access to power.
ENGIE will spearhead the development, ownership, operation, and maintenance of the mini-grids, ensuring clean and reliable electricity supply to residential, commercial, and productive use customers. The project is expected to deliver nearly 5MW of affordable, reliable, and sustainable clean energy, benefiting over 40,000 individuals in rural areas
MySol Grid Zambia, a subsidiary of Engie Energy Access, has secured a $7.5 million loan to electrify 40,000 people in Zambia. The funding is being provided by the Facility for Energy Inclusion (FEI). The financing granted to MySol will support the construction of 60 solar photovoltaic mini-grids in Zambia.
Two energy services companies in Zambia are to expand their off-grid stand-alone solar home systems to around 192,000 people and 50,000 smallholder farmers. The Beyond the Grid Fund for Africa (BGFA) signed two new agreements with WidEnergy Africa Limited an Solar Village Zambia Limited last month.
MySol Grid Zambia, a subsidiary of Engie Energy Access (EEA), has secured $7.5 million of debt from the Facility for Energy Inclusion (FEI) to build 60 minigrids. The projects will provide electricity to more than 40,000 people in rural areas.
As the alternative livelihood approach, the project has supported Kalambakuwa with the oil expeller which is fully operational; solar powered borehole, water trough for livestock; fish ponds which are yet to be stocked with fingerlings; and the community has constructed a chicken house made from bamboo and will be supported with village chickens.

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