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In June this year, ERA, together with the Directorate of Industrial Training (DIT) embarked on training and certifying 3,000 electricians by 2025, saying it is the only way they can reduce quack electricians in the sector.
President Museveni said Africa should continue exploiting fossil fuels to meet development demands and pull her people out of poverty since Europe is doing the same. Unfortunately, fossil fuels are not able to reduce poverty, but only to increase the wealth of the leading class of a country. This has been successfully proven in the last decades.
The launch of the Uganda Country Window will enable Uganda’s capacity to usher in its electricity-generating potential and step up its efforts to mobilise renewable energy resources while tapping into private-sector funding.
The Ministry of Energy and Mineral Development is considering the use of Artificial Intelligence to locate sites and suitable energy modes for mini-grids in different rural areas. Data from the pilot project in Lamwo District in Northern Uganda once validated will be scaled countrywide paving the way for more mini-grids in the country.
Up to 5,000 Ugandans under the Uganda decentralised renewable energy sector lost employment during the two years of Covid-19 induced lockdown, a new report has revealed. The report released by Power for All states the sector has seen a 15 percent reduction in its employment workforce in the last two years in the aftermath of the two Covid lockdown.

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