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Working with various partners, the Department of Fisheries in the Ministry of Agriculture is evaluating a draft of new procedures that will guide fishermen on Uganda’s water bodies. The guidelines include the use of solar lights for fishing as an alternative to kerosene lamps.
The Beyond the Grid Fund for Africa agreement has been signed with SunCulture Uganda Limited to scale up access to solar water pumps and irrigation systems in rural areas across the country. The approximately EUR 3.2 million in results-based financing to be provided from BGFA will mobilise at least an equal amount of additional co-financing.
GOGO, formerly known as BODAWERK, specializes in advanced lithium-ion battery technology for applications across its range of products, including electric motorcycles, agricultural equipment, and renewable energy storage. Watu is an asset financing company working in financial inclusion across Africa.
In the field of renewable energy, there is a new demand to develop a broader expertise that addresses the value chain, from supply to facilities. Loy Kyozaire, the Director of Sendea Academy, a competence training unit for the solar energy sector, is reaffirming this call. Watch the NTV report…
How Sendea Academy is improving renewable energy skills by training your Ugandans as solar technicians. Watch this video from UBC Television.
Jamlia Mayanja is an award-winning social entrepreneur committed to empowering women in Uganda. She’s developed a solar-powered bag designed to make it easier for girls to go to school each day, and still do their studies when the sun goes down.
Sendea Academy has passed out a cohort of trainees who have been under practical field mentorship programme over the past one year, across Kampala, Kamuli and Kumi districts. Sendea Academy, a capacity building arm of the solar importers and distributors in Uganda, has now trained close to 1,000 solar installation technicians over the past 3 years.
More than 300 small-scale farmers in Uganda are set to receive solar irrigation systems under a government programme. This is to assist them to adapt to challenges, said Dr Samuel Kaheesi, the Principal Agriculture Officer for the Kikuube District, where the farmers live in Uganda.

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