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Sri Lanka

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Sri Lanka is a country with renewable energy sources which need to be harnessed to meet energy demands. With the rising cost of fuel and foreign exchange challenges, Sri Lanka’s energy generation needs to focus more on renewable sources within the country.
The key message for policymakers is: Give wood energy a fair chance in the energy mix of your country in order to make the world a more sustainable and more environmentally friendly place.
Despite its strong trajectory of recovery from a 26-year civil war, Sri Lanka still faces major development challenges, including providing affordable, accessible, and reliable energy services, and reducing poverty and regional disparities.
According to the CEB Chairman, a sum of Rs. 10 million is required to establish one solar power plant with a capacity of 100 kilowatts; and following the tender procedure, one could invest about Rs. 3 million by hand and obtain a bank loan for the rest that could be settled in 5 to 6 years.
The reason for Sri Lanka to lag behind other countries in harnessing its solar power potential appears to be the lack of interest shown by the CEB even to implement the many projects approved by the Cabinet.

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