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South Sudan

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The funding consists of $20 million from the Facility for Energy Inclusion (FEI) to enable CREI to provide “energy as a service” to a telecom stakeholder in South Sudan by developing, building, and managing energy assets. Additionally, Finnfund, the Finnish development finance institution, contributed a $5 million mezzanine loan.
Zero energy light bulbs and sturdy bricks for schools and homes. Some innovative communities in South Sudan are reusing waste in new ways as the world rallies to ban plastic pollution by the year’s end, with help from a small team of experts led by climate and environmental scientist Shazneen Cyrus Gazdar at theUN Mission in South Sudan (UNMISS).
U.S-based global energy services firm Sunnova Energy International has partnered with non-profit organization Seeding Mercy to provide energy access to rural farmers in South Sudan through off-grid solar powered irrigation pump systems. The two companies are providing farmers with portable solar systems and irrigation pumps.
UNICEF has funded the construction of two mini water yards with boreholes equipped with solar powered pumps, elevated tanks and tap stands in South Sudan. The pumps were installed at two sites – at Hai Dome and Hai Bagdad. At each of the two sites, boreholes of 100 metres were drilled. The sites were then equipped with a 2.04 kWp solar panels.
As the least electrified country in the world, South Sudan’s energy sector is complex and closely tied to the cycle of conflict, and the country’s cursed dependence on oil.

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